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One thing is blissfully obvious to anyone who walks through our front doors. Here you are going to have a good time.

Decorative Items.

With a large selection of statues, vases and other items. You are sure to find the right ornament to enhance your garden.

Flowers, Trees, Seeds.

A family run business. A large selection of plants and trees. Beautiful flowers and more.

Vegetables and Fruits.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. Delicious tomatoes and healthy onions and more of your favourite ingredients.

The Café.

Perfect place for hot drinks and desserts. We serve a variety of coffees as well as tasty cakes.

The Garden shop has a wide range of seasonal indoor and outdoor flowers, plants and trees. Our range includes olive trees, monkey puzzle and topiary in various shapes as well as fruit trees. We do have potted herbs and garden accessories. Free local delivery subject to availability.

Free local delivery. Subject to availability.

Fresh coffee served, soft drinks and dried snacks. Cakes and scones also available. Daily specials, panini and sandwiches made to order. Delicious salad made using products from our onsite farmshop.

Hot drinks. Delicious cakes. Sandwiches. Salad and panini.

Our farm shop provides local seasonal vegetables. Fresh salads and fruits all at very reasonable prices. Tomatoes, carrots, radish, onions, potatoes, lettuce and more. New stock daily.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy food.

The Garden Shed

Address: 136 Dereham Rd,

Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 3AF

Telephone: 07737 100090


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